21 April 2010

Not Without Drama

Today is our official ‘away’ date.  However, there is the small matter found last night of a water pump or some such thing that needs fixing in the car…I suppose we should be grateful that Matt can fix it himself instead of having to book it in to a shop before we leave.  Our ETA was 9am, but has been delayed till probably 1pm…if the store has the part.  Then we stop off in Townsville, camp in Rockhampton, with a layover on the Sunshine coast, and then on to Brisbane and the airport…well, that’s the plan anyways.

04 April 2010


Our official move out date is April 9th…2 days short of exactly 2 years of living in our little house on the beach. 

Our time in that house has felt like a clean out.  The four years previous were a huge time of growth for us.  They were a heavy slog at times, where God kept us in our discomfort zone in order to mould us and chip off some rough edges.  But I think you will often find, those times of intense growth tend to fertilize a little bit of baggage.  The human in me could not help but grow a few extra chips on its shoulder.  And so, these past two years have felt like a big clean out.  God has brought me to a place where I can be content again, no matter what the situation…well, almost.  We have no idea what is to follow, but eagerly await the steps before us.  We’ve been walking blind for the past two years, knowing that our time in the house was temporary, but not knowing why, and now I find myself expectant of what God will do next because we have no job and no place to live…what the?!  More faith exercising…I sometimes feel like I’m running out of breath from it, but never seem to…