08 June 2010


Just had an awesome time in the US, but far too many goodbyes.  After spending three weeks with my family (who, I have to mention, I love to pieces), we had the opportunity to make some good friends in California.  And as with a lot of experiences, God had something to say.

I was fortunate enough to attend the women’s conference that was running the weekend we arrived and was treated like a special guest.  I had a girl assigned to me to show me around, and I basically had free reign of the place.  There were two very gifted speakers at the conference, one of whom I had the chance to have lunch with, not to mention, getting know the pastors of this large church and being able to fellowship with them. 

But as I was attending the conference and getting treated like a queen, I found myself WAY outside of my comfort zone.  I felt uncomfortable just hanging out in the green room.  I felt I needed to be doing something.  After all, there were so many people working so hard to make the conference happen, I thought they deserved to be in my shoes much more than I did.  So I found myself sitting in the conference undeservingly, and that’s when God and I had a little chat.  I asked God what I was doing there and why it was that I got to be so blessed in this time, and He just asked me where I got my value from.  Because, to the world, if you want to be worth something, you had better get busy doing stuff.  But God reminded me that He places value on His children because he just plain loves them.  And that’s what he made clear to me.  He was just pouring a little love on me.  And I realized that He really wanted to treat me this way all the time, but because we need to learn and grow and remain humble, He unfortunately can’t (well, not yet anyways).  He also mentioned as I sat at lunch with two very influential ladies that He didn’t think any more highly of them than He did me.  They’ve done some amazing things simply because they have walked with God and God has given them the opportunity to be a part of what He is doing, and that’s all any of us has to do.