10 September 2009

Home Sweet Home

I would be disingenuous if I did not say it didn’t feel good to be home.  However, we did have an amazing time full of experiences that I will never have a chance to write down.  Experiences that will shape who we become.  I believe this trip was tailor made by God to move us forward…to move closer to perfect in him (please understand I have no illusion of reaching that perfection in this lifetime, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to become more like Jesus through the incredible experiences that God constructs.) 

I was just reading the book of Acts.  I noticed the apostles rejoiced when they had “… been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name” (Acts 5:41).  Over and over again we read in the bible of a way of thinking that is opposite to the way the world thinks.  No wonder the apostles were not afraid to proclaim the name of Jesus.  Not only had they received boldness from the Holy Spirit (see Acts 4:31) but they looked at the suffering they had to endure as something to celebrate.  Instead of being embarrassed for standing up for Jesus we should be celebrating…now if only I could get my brain to function that way…

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Joyce said...

Wow! That's my girl! How often do we complain because our lives are not idealic? How often do we pray for comfort? As we strive to live for Jesus and to become more like Him, do we really notice who He was and how He lived? I think not!