09 October 2009


There is an interesting phenomenon I’ve discovered about being a mum…I don’t always like it.  Part of it is caused by Seth going through what I like to call ‘mental growth’.  It makes me feel better about him behaving badly for a time and it doesn’t usually last too long.  It seems to be that his physical abilities surpass his mental capabilities for a time and he is just difficult.  Once his brain catches up he is easier to manage and I can breathe a sigh of relief.  The other thing I realized is that, although I love Seth very much, there isn’t much satisfaction in the day to day function of a stay at home mum.  I don’t seem to accomplish too much, and this is part of the reason I got into share trading.

It’s a funny thing share trading, because depending on who you talk to you, you get different comments.  I was never much into share trading and then all the sudden I was.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  I was reading books one after the other.  I just bought my first shares online yesterday and I’m excited about the possibility of adding to our family income.  And after I make my first million…that was a joke, not that I would mind making a mill from trading.

I’ve also found through my reading some very interesting concepts.  Like the difference between the way rich people see money and the way middle/lower class people see money.  Most middle/lower class ‘work very hard for their money’.  While the rich tend to find ways of ‘making their money work hard for them’.  I find this a fascinating concept and think its how Christians should look at money because we have a rich Father and it takes the power away from money.  I hate the way money controls people and makes them feel trapped.  That’s why Matt and I worked very, very hard to get out of debt as fast as we could. 

Well, now I’ve gotten way off the topic of motherhood, but those are my thoughts for the moment…albeit a little all over the place.

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