15 February 2010

And Away We Go!

…Well, sort of.  We’ve got tickets booked to the States for the end of April, and Matt will be finishing his job shortly.  Because we will be travelling for over a month and Matt doesn’t have a job we are going to give up our house on the beach.  Oh and we are having another baby by the way.  Why does God keep doing things this way.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting, but we keep ending up in these vulnerable positions, mostly when we are about to have a baby.

When I was pregnant with Seth and about to go on maternity leave, Matt called me up at work and told me he needed to resign, and he is not the type to leave a job if he doesn’t have another one lined up.  But in this case he was so stressed he couldn’t stay, so I knew it was important he leave the job.  And there we found ourselves -neither of us working and about to have a baby…I don’t recommend it, but in our case it was definitely a God thing.  For the past couple of years we had been talking about moving about an hour north, but were never able to because we both had work in town and there isn’t much work north.  But since we found ourselves suddenly in a position where we could go, we decided to.  And God confirmed this to us by giving us such a peace that we should not have had considering the position we were in.  Another confirmation came when we rang our landlords to say thanks for being such great landlords and they informed us they had a place about an hour and a half north on the beach not doing anything and they had recently wanted to rent it and asked if we would like it for cheap rent…what the…and that’s how we have found ourselves living on the beach for the past 2 years.  It’s been great, but a new baby seems to symbolize a bigger change than just the size of our family and so we find ourselves in that place again.  God has been signalling to us for about a year that change was coming so we’ve just been waiting for it.

(Interesting side note: when we first moved here I asked God to give me a bible verse/s about what was coming up next for us, and I felt to read the very end of Acts, not knowing what it was.  It reads as follows ‘For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house and welcomed all who came to see him.  Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ.’  I had ignored the part that said ‘for two whole years’ cause I thought that was a little too specific, but when we leave here it will be 2 years almost to the day…interesting)

Over the past year and a half we have struggled and changed and grown and struggled.  I have battled with being content and being a mother.  And we find ourselves in a place of peace and contentment (most of the time).  Even though I can actually see the change coming now, I have no frustration in waiting for it.  I’m finding it quite easy to sit back and let God do what God is going to do…it’s a really good place to be.  And since God’s in the drivers seat, I have no idea where we are going…and I don’t need to.  I can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Amie said...

sounds exciting. can't wait to see what he has in store for you guys next.