14 January 2011


I thought it was important to write ‘something’ seeing as it has been a while.  I haven’t really had time to be inspired for something to write…or perhaps I have been inspired, but haven’t had the time to think about it and jot it down.

We’ve finally moved into our own home after 8 months in one bedroom (there was a lot of travel mixed in to that 8 months as well), so most time has been spent unpacking and organising, and because we have plenty of room in this house, we’ve also taken the time to SPREAD OUT.

God has been working, building, changing etc… He has been very busy with us, but it is hard to keep ‘rejoicing in our suffering’.  When I have a bad day with two kids and unpacking I try to remember that my capacity has been enlarged and not diminished (even though sometimes it feels that way)…and I am trying to be ok with that fact that sometimes being a mum is hard (thought comes to mind of recent time cleaning poo off of the carpet).  But I continue to try to remember that there are great times ahead to be had and they will be even better if I let myself be grown and changed.  Can’t have ‘new wine in old wine skin’… 

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