02 November 2011

Life and Death

I was thinking about a young man who passed away recently from cancer.  He was a Christian and was confident of his destination.  I started to wonder why God took him at such a young age.  I am no better than he is and yet I get to continue living.  Why am I blessed in this. 

Then it occurred to me that perhaps I have it all backward.  Perhaps that young man is the one that is blessed.

He does not know pain or sorrow any more.  And whether or not he is in heaven now, or just sleeping until the time comes when Jesus returns (depending on your theology).  He is at peace and will be now and forever.  I’m thankful that I feel blessed to remain alive and have a part in the work that God is doing on earth now, but I wonder how many things we understand so differently to God. 

When we stand before God and have a better understanding of  reality will we be constantly smacking ourselves on the forehead wondering how we could have missed it so many times…


Joyce Louise said...

I have been thinking about that more lately. That God's Ways are so far above our ways that it is presumptuous of us to try and figure it out. It is much more peaceful to just trust Him in all His Ways! Thanks for sharing!

miss lele said...

Thought that popped in my head was that Gods ways are not our ways. So to agree with Joyce, we should trust him in all his ways.