10 September 2013

Prayer Life

I’d like to go through a little exercise for those who are willing…

Think of someone in your life who inspires you in your walk with God.  Someone who encourages you to do better and move forward.  Someone you love to hear from because they almost always add something to your life.  It doesn’t have to be someone you know personally.

Now, imagine this person said they wanted to stay at your house with you for a week to help you to grow and work with you in your daily life to encourage and teach you. 

And so this person comes to stay with you, but you have to go to work and you tell them you have a party to go to after work which will probably go quite late so don’t bother waiting up.  When you get home from this party that person is awake sitting at the table waiting for you, but you are exhausted and so you say goodnight.

When you get up the next morning that person is already up sitting quietly waiting for you, but you just remembered you have to meet someone for breakfast so off you go…and when you get back a few hours later you are so full from a big breakfast you sit down and turn on the TV. 

This goes on in a similar way all week and at the end of the week you have a horrible day at work and when you get home and see this person waiting for you, you get angry and say:

“You said you came here to help me grow and to be there for me and I feel like I don’t know you any better than before you came.  We’ve barely spoken while you’ve been here, and I’m certainly no better a person with you than without you!”

Now, of course this is completely ridiculous for obvious reasons…but this is what we do to God.  I found myself crying out to God one day “why do you feel so far away?” I was going through a rough time so where was God?And I realized it wasn’t that He was far away, it was that I hadn’t been taking the time to spend with Him…and yet I found myself blaming Him for his distance.  The truth is, He is there ALL THE TIME just waiting for us to make time for him…

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Liz said...

thanks for the analogy. Perfect reminder of what I so often do x