18 February 2011


I’m currently on the topic of ‘Knowing God’.  What I mean is, it has been impressed upon my heart to get to know God better.  I ask God for plenty, but I don’t often take the time just to spend it with God…When I read my bible I am often looking for inspiration in regards to my life, not usually just to get to know God better.  When someone mentions the name of God I want my response to be ‘I know him!!’  So that is the seed that is currently growing inside of me.  I mention this so that you can ask yourself what seed the Holy Spirit has put into your heart.  Is there something that is getting your attention?  Make sure you seek it out, get it into you.  There is no better time than when the Holy Spirit is trying to show you something, because then you’ve got supernatural powers to have it revealed to you.

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