01 March 2011

How to Get Men to Volunteer for Sunday School

I wanted to share this because my husband is the coolest.  He wanted to do something for the boys at church in the 10/11 year old age bracket who are too young to do youth group, but too old to play in the crèche/nursery.  On Sunday just past he brought his welder and grinder to church and made 3 pronged spears with the boys…you should have seen their eyes light up (only to be used under adult supervision boys).  Of course, those who were in the church service were a little curious about the strange noises coming from outside.  Next he’s going to have them over on a Saturday to add a bamboo handle and they will go reef walking on a still evening to spear crayfish (crayfish in Australia are like lobster in the states).  A few of the men came out after church and seeing what was happening were eager to get involved…

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