21 April 2011


Who would have thought that waiting on God could be such an indispensible lesson.  That’s where we are…still…waiting on God.  In the past when we have had to wait on God, it always felt like all we were doing was…well…waiting.  What I have now come to realize is that the waiting is actually a training ground.  I want so desperately to do big things for God, but what I have failed to realize in the past is that you can not do the great things of God without first going through the preparation that only waiting on God can give you.  Yes, I still have times of frustration.  I get impatient for the future, but those times are getting fewer because I can now remind myself of the importance of this time and take advantage of every opportunity.  When i get aggravated I can turn myself around and soak in the presence of God and simply say ‘teach me’.


Laura said...

I'm there with you...wanting to do big things for God, to serve the world, but we wait...and in the here and now He speaks when we are STILL...so I'm learning to be still..or at least trying to :-)

Shawna said...

haha! I guess the more he makes us wait, the better we get at it!