19 May 2011

Showing Off

I’ve recently gotten into sewing and have been amazed at the creativity you can find on the net.  More experienced and brilliant crafty types out there are generous enough to share their ideas for free, which means I get to make nice things without having to pay for it!  I’ve just made some things for a friends baby shower and now that she’s received these items I can’t help myself…I have to show them off.  Keep in mind I am no photographer so don’t be too disgusted at how poorly I’ve taken these photos…that seems to be another thing that brilliant sewers can do…all these people sharing their wonderful things can also take really good photos of them…sigh**



these are some little kimono booties.  Pattern supplied by Homespun-threads here.  She makes hers on a sewing machine…I had to hand sew mine…I don’t know how she manages.





       Next up is the baby burp blanket with little tabs on them to hold a little toy or a dummy (pacifier).  This idea is from Merrimentdesign here,






And lastly is a little elastic headband…a bit hard to see in the picture, but you get the idea.  This one I just made up myself. 


Ok, done showing off now, just thought I would share something a bit different than what I normally do!


Amie said...

oh cute. I hate that they can take such perfect photos of their perfect sewing.

Kathy @ Merriment Design said...

That's a great gift of all three! I bet she loved it. Did my tutorial for the baby burp cloth with tabs tutorial work out OK for you? Feel free to comment on that post if you have any tips.

Shawna said...

Yeah, it's such a great idea. I didn't get the burp cloths you suggested, just plain hand towels from K-Mart.