15 January 2012

The Latest

Ok, first of all we are moving…our lease is up as of the 23rd so we are outta here.  And secondly, if you know anything of our life, it seems to be that I am always pregnant when we are moving and it is no different this time.  New baby signals new life all around.  And so I find myself with a little beauty growing inside of me and no place to live (I don’t know why it happens that way).

We are not fully sure of where we are headed.  For now we will be staying with my in-laws (thank goodness for great in-laws).  Then there might be a major move coming up, but we are waiting to see if Matt gets the job so I’ll hold off on that announcement until we know it is happening. 

And that is the latest…more info to follow.


vikkib said...

Congrats on the new bub :-) We also had that problem, moved house either during or soon after birth with all 3 of ours. At least you'll be meaty at the time.

Anonymous said...

Life is never dull for you and your family. It is a blessing to see how God uses you and to see His hand on your lives.