01 January 2012

The Year that Was

Well…another year has finished…it’s been a challenge and a blessing.  We started the year wondering what the heck was going on.  We felt like we should be anywhere but where we were.  I think I asked God several times what he thought he was doing.  As it turns out he was getting us ready to get to know him a whole lot better.
Nothing on the outside of us has changed much, but I had asked God to do something spiritually significant in our lives this year and to be honest I was hoping for something big to happen in a day, but God took us through a few months of simply being with him…doesn’t sound spiritually significant?  Well, I’ll tell you I am a changed person.  I spend time with God now, just sitting and listening on a regular basis asking God to show me his ways and he teaches me more and more each day.  The amount of time I spend with God has increased significantly which changes me a lot.  I hear him better than ever, I know him better than ever and I look forward to continuing on that journey.
God introduced us to some good reading this year as well.  We have been inspired by reading what Walter Beuttler has to say on getting to know God better.  We were encouraged in our time of waiting on God by F. B. Meyer in his book Elijah and the Secret of His Power.  And most recently challenged by the life of Rees Howells in his biography written by Norman Grubb.  God has been preparing us, making us ready…we thought we were ready last year…but THANK YOU JESUS he knows us better than we know ourselves and we would have crashed and burned had God done things our way.
Are we fully prepared for the future?  I’d say not, but we expect that the work we do isn’t the right work unless we need God to do it.  Plenty of ideas we’ve had for things to do because we wanted to do ANYTHING but what we were doing (is that a confusing sentence or what?) were things WE could do, in our own strength…but that can’t be right.
So where does that leave us in 2012…well, unfortunately there are a few things I can not yet divulge…I know, I hate it when people do that…but I promise there will be more information forthcoming, it’s just that there are things that need to fall into place, and people who need to know before the blogosphere, but stuff is definitely happening.  God has opened doors and begun to move in ways we are astounded by.  When you let God do it his way, the impossible becomes the possible…we’ve begun to see it already and I can’t wait to share the whole story as it unfolds, but you’ll just have to wait – we had to!

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