02 May 2009

Krispy Kreme Analogy

I am quite partial to analogies.  I love to find  random associations between two wholly unrelated topics.  And as a side note, I hate reading books with lots of similes.  ‘Like’ or ‘as’ are completely boring ways of describing something, and now with that said I’ll probably use one in my next post.

So I would now like to make a correlation between Krispy Kreme (hereafter referred to as K.K.) donuts and God working in our lives.

I just spent this past week in Brisbane, and for those of you who are unaware, Krispy Kreme donuts are only available in select cities such as Brisbane and Sydney (none in Cairns) in Australia, unlike America where they are so widely available.  So any time I go there I have in the back of my head the fact that I will get to eat some.  On my latest stay in Brisbane we went through the city a few times, but never with the opportunity to stop at a K.K.  I found this very disappointing as the week went by and was hoping that perhaps one of our friends might pick some up themselves…which they did not.   I soon realized my chances were pretty close to nil and I would just have to wait till next time.  I found, however, a sort of peace about this and thought God could actually make a way for me to have a donut, so I thought I would let him have a go.

…I will time out here for a second for those of you who think I am being a little over dramatic about a donut.  There are some of you who may be shocked and disgusted at the fact that I would ask God to get me a donut…and perhaps I shouldn’t, but He and I are pretty close and I thought I’d share my feelings with him cause I really really like donuts and Australians are not very good at making donuts (or pancakes).  Moving on…

The last night that Matt and I were in Brisbane we went to a wedding, and at the reception… of all the things the bride and groom could have chosen to use as wedding favours…they chose to use K.K. donuts.  That is right my friends, I got my donut…and not just one.  They put one on Seth’s (my 11 month old son) hi chair and he isn’t allowed donuts until he’s at least 25, so I got two. 

Now, this may not have been God’s divine hand moving in this situation, but that’s beside the point because after telling you that whole story, it doesn’t really matter for my analogy.

Bear with me…I’ve almost gotten to my point.

I thought about the fact that sometimes when we are looking to fulfil our purposes in life, we look for God to make them happen in the most obvious of ways.  And when they don’t happen the way we expect, we think that’s it, there is no chance of it happening.  But sometimes God wants to give us the desires of our hearts in unexpected ways… after all, a God that creates a world full of wonders such as the ones we see on earth, must enjoy continuing to use his creativity .  And it always comes at the right time and in the right place.  Not only that – when he makes it happen he doesn’t just give you one donut, he gives you two.

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