02 July 2009

Can God furnish a table in the wilderness? (Ps 78:19)

I love what J. Edwin Orr says about the start of his journey in the book Can God - ? "An hour later I was cycling down the road to nowhere, convinced that it led to everywhere." It turns out on his journey that the road does in fact lead to everywhere.

We are shifting at the moment from Matt supporting our family to God supporting it...not that God isn't always supporting our family; however, Matt has no work after today until mid September and we decided that we would take advantage of every opportunity that God gives to us in that time instead of stressing. That means we are starting on a journey down a road to nowhere that we are convinced leads everywhere.

This month Matt is headed up to Weipa with a couple of pastors on a fishing/camping/hunting adventure for a few days. Then later this month the three of us (Matt, Seth and I) are headed to Thailand on a missions trip for about a week and a half. We get back Aug 1st and after that we are hopping in the Landcruiser, packing our camping gear and driving off into the sunset, or rather the sunrise, as that is the best time to travel with Seth. We have been invited to a few different places including Claremont, Longreach and Newcastle. There will most likely be some or all of the following: Motorbike (motorcycle for the Americans) including a side car and horse riding, camping, preaching, learning, meeting lots of people and probably a lot of trust in God (since we are believing that God will open doors as we go and that he will provide all of our needs). We have felt recently that God is bringing us into a new season but He has been very silent on the particulars and we felt it important to take advantage of every opportunity that He has so far provided and believing quite strongly that as we trust in the path He is laying out for us, some pretty exciting things will happen.

I'll keep everything updated on here as I am pretty excited about these next few months, so if you want, you can experience at least a small part of what is happening in our neck of the woods or the rainforest or the outback or wherever we end up at a given time.

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