17 June 2009


God has been impressing upon my heart lately 'impossible'. I am beginning to get a stronger sense of the fact that there are plenty of things that are impossible for me, and I think we are meant to live in that realm more than a lot of us do. Living in that place where we watch in wonder and awe at the things God is doing because it is impossible for us (scary, but amazing).

God does not want us to live our lives doing things that we have the ability to do. He is an active God and wants to be a big part of our lives. You read often in the Bible about miracles happening to show the power of God, to lift His name up. God's name does not get glorified when we do stuff through our own ability. It is through the impossible that all eyes turn to God.

Matt has just bought a book called "Can God: 10,000 Miles of Miracle in Britain". It is being sent to us now. I have not yet read it but I'm looking forward to it. Matt has read it and said it is inspiring. It's a story of a man travelling impossibly. Miracle after miracle, God continuously does the impossible on this man's journey.

To be perfectly honest, it makes me a little nervous. If God is impressing this on my heart; and God is impressing it on Matt's heart...could there be a reason perhaps??

I'll keep you updated...

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Gail said...

Hi Shawna,
I loved reading your thought on Impossible. I agree so much with what you said regarding to us living doing the things that "we have the ability to do" but living in a way where God's power can be seen to be demonstrated and He can be revealed.
I read a book years ago I think it was called "dream thieves" and it was all about stepping out of the comfort zones we had got ourselves into and going...perhaps "not even knowing where he was going to" (abram) about the deserts, rejections, the giants the mountains you have to conquor to get there.
Faith...without it, it is impossible to please God. May He increase your faith to see what to us is impossible...but to Him is all possible.
Enjoy the journey!