18 September 2011

“But How’s He DO That?”

My three year old son is now fully into the “why” stage…usually followed by “how”.  He started asking me where things come from…

Seth: Mummy, where’s this apple come from

Me: Jesus (or God) made it.

Seth: How’s he DO that? (read wonder and amazement into that question). 

Now he pre-empts the answer

Seth: Did Jesus make this table?

Me: Yes

Seth: How’s he DO that?

Me: Well, he gives people ideas, creativity and ability so they can do it.

Seth: OOOooohhhh!

Seth is also really into ‘best friends’.  Every kid that turns up at the playground is his new best friend so I told him Jesus wants to be his best friend…that put a huge smile on his face…then I told him when Jesus is his best friend he lives inside of him…(what am I getting myself into)…Seth swiftly responds “how’s he DO that”  After a brief pause searching my brain for some sort of response I said “the Holy Spirit (yes, that’s right, I’m trying to teach my 3 year old about the trinity) is the part of Jesus that can live inside of you, that way you will never be alone and he can help you to not be naughty”.  So now when he’s having trouble doing something I tell him to ask Jesus for help…problem is when he’s frustrated he’s not interested in asking for help, he just wants to sulk.

Now he talks about the Holy Spirit living inside of his tummy…which is about the right spot…and I just trust that God will give him enough understanding to make up for the bits that I try to explain a bit wonky!!


vikkib said...

Oh Shawna that is so special. That is exactly the way God wants to be introduced to your children. Quiet special moments, everyday conversation, so he is a natural part of their lives not just for certain days or occassions. You are such an awesome Mum and your children are so blessed to have you. Tummy, heart who cares the fact the is staring to understand that God is with him everywhere he goes is the important thing.
You always make me feel wonderful when I read your blogs, keep it up.

Joyce Louise said...

Amen! I love the way that you, Shawna, spend time with your children. They are a priority, they know that you love them without a doubt. God in in your household and is blessing you because you give Him a central place in your lives. I am confident that He is guiding you into your future! Love, Mom