18 August 2009

Horses for Motorbikes

I wanted to share an experience that the pastor (Allan Kelly) at Clermont had about 7 years ago because I think it is a great example of the attitude we need to have as Christians in this world.  We get so caught up in the way things ‘are’ and ‘have been’ that we miss the opportunity to let an eternally creative God work in magnificently innovative ways.

When Ps. Allan first went to Clermont to take over the church there, we came as an experienced motorbiker (is that a even a word?).  He had a fantastic idea to reach the young people in the community by starting a motorbike ministry.  The problem was, after meeting a few people around the place, they didn’t have motorbikes they had horses and Allan didn’t know anything about horses.  So after praying very hard about it he decided he would start a horse ministry and said you God ‘you had better make me good at horses’.  So he took his 9 year old son to pick out some horses.  The horse his son chose was a pretty ugly looking horse to which Allen tried to convince his son that he should choose another, but his son was adamant and  so Allan finally agreed.  They took the horse to a woman to train and it turned out that this horse was so bad the woman said ‘forget about  it, I’ll give you your money back, you have no chance with this horse’.  Allan disagreed and told her it might seem a bit strange but he wanted to pray for the horse.  So he laid hands on the horse, prayed for it and left.  The next day he came back and the woman’s jaw was on the ground.  The horse had become tame.

Over the past 7 years Allan has broken about 60 horses and any one he has trouble with he just prays for.  People who have spent all their lives with horses and spent decades breaking them bring any difficult ones to Allan.  He has brought God into peoples lives by showing them that the God they thought had no relevance in their lives works within their world. 

What a great example of God using our weaknesses to show His strength, and changing peoples lives in a relevant but supernatural way.

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