05 August 2009

Road Trip

I'll add more about Thailand shortly, but thought I would mention that we have come to the end of day one of our road trip that will last about a month or so. We are having a layover in Townsville staying with some good friends, then we are off to Clermont for a few days (I hope I spelled that right). I am hoping for the opportunity to ride a horse. I've only done so a handful of times but enjoy it. Our trip will lead us down the east coast of Australia into NSW where we will see some more friends and family. We are hoping for lots of adventure and for Seth to sleep well at night! At some point we will be fossicking for Sapphires so plan to be very wealthy by the end of the trip (I'm hoping everyone can hear the sarcasm in that comment). At the very least I've been instructed by my mother that I have to get at least one for her seeing as it is her birth stone. We'll pick out the biggest one for you mum!

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