12 August 2009

Road Trip – Part 1

‘Scene opens with a loan car driving across the bottom of a very large dam.  Camera cuts to a close up of cracks forming in the dam wall.  It’s a great start to a natural disaster movie.’  I say to Matt. 

‘Tell me about it when we get to the other side’  He comments back as we come to the end of our drive across the bottom of a dam wall. 

It was a beautiful dam, but made us a little bit nervous putting our trust in the integrity of that wall holding back a whole lot of water.

That is where we got onto the dirt roads and really began our road trip south.  We stopped in Townsville as mentioned previously and were blessed by our friends there.  Then the following day we headed for Clermont.

We are at the end of week one of our trip and have been so hugely blessed by people I said to Matt if it keeps up this way we will end up coming home with a house or something.  God is good.

So far we haven’t paid for any of our own fuel, we’ve had meals provided for us and paid for.  When we were a few hours from Clermont we blew a tire and before we could pay for a new one, one had been bought for us.  We’ve been offered places to stay and it’s only been one week.  I think the thing I find the most joy in with generous people is that I know in the bible it says you are more blessed to give them to receive so I know they will receive back from God.

I know I haven’t said much, but I’ve struggled to find time to write so hopefully as we spend a bit of time visiting friends and family in New South Whales I will be able to provide a little more information!

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